Thursday, April 2, 2009

Maddison's 1st word

I think Maddison says it all in this one


  1. Saying 'Hi' at almost four months... I wonder when she will start walking? I think the two of you might be in for a very ACTIVE little one.

  2. Oh that is so precious. Your heart must melt, I can't believe she can say "hi". Good job Maddison!

  3. Uh oh! If she can already say "hi", she'll really be able to express her opinion by the time she turns one. That really sounds like she's saying "hi".

    Grammy Linda

  4. That's COOL! She is sooooooo cute! My Mom says she's quite the chatterbox!

    Laurel chattered a lot too, and then I don't remember when she started saying words but I remember she started talking in complete sentences at 13 months old!!!!

    (But she was NOT an early reader.)

    Your little one is a doll!!!!

  5. I can't stop watching this video over and over every time I am on the computer.

    Can't get enough of this little one.