Monday, April 13, 2009

Maddison at 4 months

We took Maddison to her fourth month well baby check up today and she weighed in at 13lbs.(50%), 25 1/2 in. long(75%) and her head was 15 1/2 with the same percentile as her length. She also received the same shots as the last check up which she handled better (shorter cry of death). I am hoping Maddison will not get sick because the last time she received a small fever. Enjoying Maddison as much as I have, I look forward with reserved enthusiasm about giving Maddie her first taste of baby food... Yay! There is a rumor going around that Maddie is starting to teeth. I might not be Sherlock Holmes but drooling followed by Maddie fits makes teething the most logical and scientifical reason for her Red Head fits.
Maddison loves to laugh and is almost always smiling except when night comes around she becomes very cranky and whiny. She's almost on a good schedule, I just don't know how many naps to give her. One thing that always makes Maddison laugh is when her silly Daddy sings the I'm to sexy by Right Said Fred song. Maddsion has also said 'hi' about four million times already and said 'uh-oh' twice. Must be all the baby Einstein videos we have been showing her on YouTube.
When she was about 3.5 weeks she would make a high pitched noise when she was done pooping and wouldn't stop making that noise until were done changing her (this wasn't a normal baby high pitched noise, more like a There is something I don't recognize in my diaper high pitched noise AKA THE POOP ALARM!!!). Since I am talking about the POOP ALARM imagine our adorable family sitting in church waiting for the bread for sacrament and BAM! like a fire engine the POOP ALARM goes off. Remember this is not a ward in New Mexico (sorry Jen) so there are about three babies total. Lets just say we were Red in the face and Josh was out as fast as a fire man After sacrament was over.
Maddison is so much fun to dress up and put bows in her hair. Yesterday I put a bow clip in her hair and I'm a lucky mommy because she has so much hair that I don't have to put sticky stuff on it to make it stay in. Josh and I both love Maddison very much and our thankful that we get to raise in this life.


  1. Oh how funny about the poop alarm! In sacrament to boot! Well, maybe she will be VERY easy to potty train! What a cutie!

  2. Ha ha I love that poop alarm! SOOOO funny! She is so cute, its so great that she is saying "Hi." Congrats on 4 months!

  3. Her hair looks really pretty in the sunlight!

  4. Hey I need your e-mail address. Could you send it to me at Thanks.

  5. I just want to say that it's so much fun having our beautiful baby grandaughter living in our home. Maddison definetly knows me and will greet me with a smile of recognition. It's something I can look forward to each day and I love it. I get to enjoy being the grandma because Renee takes such good care of Maddison. Renee says when they move into their own home they will take Maddison with them and leave the dog with us. I just don't understand...